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Hugh II: The Nedessy Continues... Pt. 1

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And we’re underway! Welcome to another glorious season of college football and the official kickoff of Hugh II: The Nedessy Continues... Now let’s see what everybody had to say while I was watching Fulham’s miracle.... (photo courtesy of SEC Poon, easily the greatest website of the new season)


Apparently Virginia Tech is playing a football game of some consequence...

Why does tWWL always toy with my emotions? They have such crap-tastic programming most of the time, but then they whip out the sentimental VT segment, and I love them again. Such an abusive relationship. I think I have battered-woman’s syndrome. -The Man With No Name


I just watched the Virginia Tech tribute ... way to be a buzzkill, GameDay. -Ooh, Shiny (fka Mob Penguin)

Tirico: the past 20 minutes... this Virginia Tech football programs finest hour. Fantastic start Mike, well done. -Jed

Is anyone else doing the virginia tech drinking game? a shot every time they mention emotional fatigue or healing? the drunkest you could ever hope to get before lunch. -TheSnevik

Fun with announcers...

Is it wrong to admit I feel cheated by not having the stupidity of Pam Ward teaming up with the brain-dead mumblings of Mike Gottfried any more? -Signal to Noise


And with the appearance of Erin Andrews on the sideline, a new season begins. -The Young Nucleus

Just when you think that College Football is making strides with racial relations, College Gameday goes and puts Desmond Howard on the back of the bus to monitor the bloggers’ thoughts. Frankly, I am appalled. You think Corso calls him boy? -BubbaCJ


The UAB kicker is named Swayze Waters. Mothers, please stop doing this to your children. -Signal to Noise

When Colorado scored its touchdown, they flashed to the Buffalo, Colorado’s mascot, who had a steaming pile of shit right behind him. You stay classy, Colorado. -Chilltown


Getting ready to head to the Maryland/Villanova game. Got to get there early. First 100 people in get to apply powder under Friedgen’s stomach. It takes a village. -Josh

No big 10 network means i don’t get to see joepa sprint to the locker room to relieve his bowels. -Dave


It’s 12:51pm, I am in Columbia, SC, I am drunk, I just took a bong hit, and I fucked my knee up because I was too drunk last night. Football season is here. -ClarkWGriswld

My Northwestern Wildcats are winning the Battle of the Northern Ordinals. I wouldn’t be so pumped if we didn’t lose our home opener to New Hampshire last year. Yeah, we have some trouble with the 1-AAs. -TheSnevik


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