Hugh II: The Nedessy Continues... Pt. 3

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BACK COMES MICHIGAN! BACK COMES MICHIGAN! With a touchdown run that Michigan announcer Frank Beckmann described as "a Mike Hart to just have to see, it's undescribable!" Thanks, Frank, I'd love to see it! I hate you, Jim Delany. Not as much as Gary Bettman, but I still hate you. -AsInHowe

Note: While chasing a shot of Jack Daniels with Pepto may seem like a good preventative measure. DO NOT ATTEMPT. - TheGoldfishCowboy


One would think that Charlie Weis took lessons in obfuscation from Donald Rumsfeld. -Signal to Noise

I have been playing the Lincon Financial Sports drinking game ( 1 drink for every mention of intro theme song band Daughtry as the hottest band in the country, 2 drinks for every video/audio feed loss.) Lets just say my liver hates Daughtry and the production team. PS now its in a rain delay, Its time to fucking rage!!! -Uncle Brian


Mike Tirico just implied that Frank Beamer was the only coach that could have led the team to deal with the effects of the massacre. BEHOLD THE LEADERSHIP POWER OF EXTRA NECK SKIN!-Signal to Noise

Breaking news from Ann Arbor: "Marques Slocum, the freshman defensive tackle is not listed (on the active game roster), a possible consequence of the public attention surrounding questionable language on his Facebook page." Looks like the man of the Fuck Lion is taking Saturday off. -AsInHowe

Mark May has never had an off-day against an insuperior team. Turns out Lou Holtz can get someone else tounge-tied too.—- Jed in the UP

Swayze Waters extra point is good! Nobody puts UAB in the corner. -Liquid Wisdom

48-12. FINALLY UAB is making this a game. Good thing we didn't have to watch that stupid Michigan blowout on ESPN2. —businessorleisure


Can anyone confirm that Kige Ramsey made the trip down to Gainesville to support WKU and is now passed out facedown in a pool of his own vomit? - I Heart Poop