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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Hugh II: The Nedyssey Continues ...

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OK, time to fire this baby up. I planned on grabbing a screen shot of Corso wearing that horse's head, but I couldn't find my damn camera. Oh well. ASU poon will have to do. Also, I'm not watching any college football right now. The Score is airing a celebrity poker match starring Jose Canseco and Larry David's "wife" from Curb Your Enthusiasm. It's mind-blowing. Anyway, to Hugh II: The Nedyssey Continues ...


So I'm headed to Phoenix for football this weekend. Turns out I got a hotel next to ASU. What's the over/under on poon? — mrsmokeycloud

Okay, this isn't exactly topical, but I just saw this icon on LiveJournal and it killed me — shiny


True proof of the coaching hot seat: when the Arkansas die hards are traveling all the way to Oklahoma to flash a "FIRE NUTT" sign on Gameday. — Signal to Noise

5-0 UConn @ 5-1 Virginia...all hail the Elitist Bowl! — zls44

Sweet! Another weekend where Michigan is hidden away on the Big Ten Network and ABC is forced to fill its 12:00 - 3:30 slot with Saturday morning cartoons. But on the plus side the new power rangers is growing on me. I think this might be the week where they defeat teh evil Moltor's Army once and for all! — tylerisgod316

Is it more than a coincidence that Peter North and Ron Zook have never been spotted in the same room together? Nationalcoholic

Rutgers-Syracuse blacked out, bad. Next best game? Illinois-Iowa, worse. Pam Ward on commentary, awful. Pam Ward saying "Juice" all game, I want to commit Hari-Kari. — liquidwisdom33


You know after I've criticized/ripped/bashed Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany all year long over the Big 11 Network, last week's USC/Stanford game on VS was almost like NHL commissioner Gary Bettman remaking his case for a worst TV deal negotiated by someone, ever. — AsInHowe

I don't know if you got this yet, but Erin Andrews is at the Orange Bowl. Erin Andrews + Miami weather = awesome tank top. — mlmintampa


I'm pretty sure the "I don't like you either" guy from the bar scene in the original Star Wars, he's now a cheerleader for Iowa State. A female cheerleader... — Precious Roy

And finally this piece of brilliance from reader doctaj716 ...

Memo to ESPN:
(to be read by the great Stu Scott)

A man, embattled, rattled
Shaken by events from his past
He relents, hoping, dreaming
While the sunshine state weeping
Banished, fired, tired
Shamed, packs up his bags
Changes his game
And treks to the Big 10
To clear his name
At long last, as we sit
This man, leads Illini
To victory, sweet victory
A man we all mistook
As a loser, a villain
Behold, the legend of
Ron Zook


Ratings Bonanza!!!

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