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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Hugh II: The Nedyssey Continues ... Pt. Deux

Illustration for article titled Hugh II: The Nedyssey Continues ... Pt. Deux

The best college football game of the day might very well be happening in Canada. Yeah, you heard me. The Ontario University Athletics champs Ottawa Gee-Gees (6-0) are currently playing the Laurier Golden Hawks (also 6-0). Please stop laughing. Anyway, back to you; back to Hugh II ...


Watching Miami and Georgia Tech play football is like watching the Muppets try to build a spaceship. — sarlik

My dad just called to say he had discovered the Big Ten Network hidden in his satellite dish line-up and planned to catch every game from his alma mater (Northwestern) he could — I pleaded with him not to, seeing as there are less painful ways to commit slow suicide than watch the Big Ten this year. — Signal to Noise


I'm watching the Illini game with expert play-by-play by Pam Ward and she must've been thinking about last night when she said "if you don't want to dangle your participle." — The Huddle

With both games on the ESPN networks being massively boring, this is probably a good time to point out that Cinemax ondemand now has shows with up-close/more detailed vagina shots. I feel like this needs to be advertised more. — sloptime

Please tell me someone out there got a screenshot of the hurricanes fan who shaved the U into his chest... it was delicately manicured. — bro222

After watching FSU's offense on Thursday night and Miami's today, I'm beginning to think that their game next week should be broadcast on the Big 10 network. — I Heart Poop


ESPN Plus is officially giving up... they're showing every play of the Rutgers-Syracuse game from the end zone camera. It's almost like being there, except there are plenty of empty seats on the 50 yard line at the Carrier Dome. — procras247

From the Georgia Tech/Miami game: "It's Mike Cox who's doin' all the dirty work. He's stickin his nose in there and tryin to dig his way out" — Pam Ward's Chode


Michigan's new women's basketball coach just did a promo where he stated the tickets packages for all 14 home games are just $20. NCAA women's basketball, we understand market forces. — Yostal, live from the BIG house

It's like Ron Zook and Kirk Ferentz are playing a "can you top this?" of suckdom. Fumble at our 10 yard line, eh Iowa? Well watch us throw an 83-yard TD pass called back due to penalty? Your move, Ferentz... Heh heh... — imnotthequarterback


And that's it for Hugh II today, folks. Thanks for playing. You all win ... free coupons. Look for them in the mail.

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