The best college football game of the day might very well be happening in Canada. Yeah, you heard me. The Ontario University Athletics champs Ottawa Gee-Gees (6-0) are currently playing the Laurier Golden Hawks (also 6-0). Please stop laughing. Anyway, back to you; back to Hugh II ...

Watching Miami and Georgia Tech play football is like watching the Muppets try to build a spaceship. — sarlik


My dad just called to say he had discovered the Big Ten Network hidden in his satellite dish line-up and planned to catch every game from his alma mater (Northwestern) he could — I pleaded with him not to, seeing as there are less painful ways to commit slow suicide than watch the Big Ten this year. — Signal to Noise

I'm watching the Illini game with expert play-by-play by Pam Ward and she must've been thinking about last night when she said "if you don't want to dangle your participle." — The Huddle

With both games on the ESPN networks being massively boring, this is probably a good time to point out that Cinemax ondemand now has shows with up-close/more detailed vagina shots. I feel like this needs to be advertised more. — sloptime


Please tell me someone out there got a screenshot of the hurricanes fan who shaved the U into his chest... it was delicately manicured. — bro222

After watching FSU's offense on Thursday night and Miami's today, I'm beginning to think that their game next week should be broadcast on the Big 10 network. — I Heart Poop

ESPN Plus is officially giving up... they're showing every play of the Rutgers-Syracuse game from the end zone camera. It's almost like being there, except there are plenty of empty seats on the 50 yard line at the Carrier Dome. — procras247


From the Georgia Tech/Miami game: "It's Mike Cox who's doin' all the dirty work. He's stickin his nose in there and tryin to dig his way out" — Pam Ward's Chode

Michigan's new women's basketball coach just did a promo where he stated the tickets packages for all 14 home games are just $20. NCAA women's basketball, we understand market forces. — Yostal, live from the BIG house

It's like Ron Zook and Kirk Ferentz are playing a "can you top this?" of suckdom. Fumble at our 10 yard line, eh Iowa? Well watch us throw an 83-yard TD pass called back due to penalty? Your move, Ferentz... Heh heh... — imnotthequarterback


And that's it for Hugh II today, folks. Thanks for playing. You all win ... free coupons. Look for them in the mail.