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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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West Virginia, led by the fleet-footed Pat White, is having a field day on the ground in Louisville. Energized by a goaline stand to end the half the Mountaineers opened things up and have now compiled well over three hundred yards on the ground. White is leading the way with 199 yards and three touchdowns on the ground with two additional touchdowns coming through the air. Noel Devine is racking up the stats as well, having surpassed the 100 yard mark with ease thanks in part to one run of 79 yards. Louisville has run the ball with success as well, but Hunter Cantwell's two interceptions have been drive-killers. The 'Eers lead 35-21 in the fourth quarter. Elsewhere Syracuse and Notre Dame are getting underway in a game that no sane person would ever want to watch. Ohio State is still pissing on the Wolverines and NC State remains poised to play the role of spoiler against their rivals from Chapel Hill. Oh and hey, Tennessee is WINNING a game, and they are pumped! As usual U of M finds a way to screw over MSU. Most years it's kicking the shit out of them. This year they've decided to continue shitting the bed into the last game of the season against Ohio State, thus depriving MSU of a shot at the Rose Bowl. What a bunch of sore losers. -Ray The only difference between the Crapple Cup and Cuse-ND: NBC's announcers will keep up the lie that the game is in any way interesting. -Signal2Noise Michigan's QB got rocked by Laurinaitis, prompting Brad Nessler to remark that he "just got a mouthful of number 33." Ahem. (A "mouthful"? Really, Brad??) -Dexter Fishmore Ohio State is so happy with what Rich Rodriguez has done with the Michigan program, they're going to have him dot the "i" -Fitz350z Michigan is less offensive than France's military. -ahp 9 Horrified by the computer generated dancing whales commercial on ABC, I quickly turned to ESPN in hopes of something better. Only I found something worse: scenes from the Kentucky Tattoo Expo, featuring a young yokel with a Colonel Sanders tattoo on his thigh. Why couldn't they have shown Kige Ramsey instead? -sgtabesimpson Wow. No wonder no one cares about the Ivy League. Harvard 10, Yale 0. Versus is now ready to pull the contract on "The Game". It'll be the first time in their history that they've pulled a contract on anything. -kingdonut66 Six Pabst later and Pam Ward STILL scares the shit out of me. -DannyBoy0268 So Bob Griese thinks Todd Boeckman is of value to the Buckeyes. Well, I have two words for Griese: GET FUCKED. Boeckman was the weak link in that Ohio State offense since 2007, and it was Tressel's loyalty to him that cost the Bucks any shot of winning at Southern Cal. Save your dogfucking QB opinions for your journeyman son. Fuckface. -mmpunter (Ed. note- That's our Punte)


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