Hugh Johnson III: It's a Penis Joke, See

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In order for Penn State fans to really view their dominance today of Syracuse as a moral victory, the "Nittaly Lions'" point differential must be greater than the number of years JoePa has been head ball coach in Happy Valley. In legit football action, South Carolina is giving Georgia a real fight. A sick 45-yard throw and catch from Matthew Stafford to A.J. Green put the Bulldogs deep in the red zone late in the first half but they only came away with a field goal. Cocks lead 7-6 at the half. Hugh Johnson Part III after the jump and keep your messages coming for a fourth and final Saturday installment. Hugh Part III: Who is the more irrelevant human being? Mizzou's punter or Color commentor DeMarco Farr? –ahpaschen If Raycom sports go off the air, who will air the hearty asswhippings that the SEC hands out to mighty programs like UAB? I sure how they'll have the LSU North Texas tilt this evening. –Slothrop The definition of nightmare fuel are back-to-back games featuring Pam Ward and Tom Hammond. It's one of the few times I'm glad I don't have HDTV. -asinhowe Pam Ward just said if a fumble would have been a baseball play, it would have been difficult to score. I for one am convinced Pam Ward has no difficulty scoring. –DaveWannstache Jeff Tedford calls onside kick, his team fails to cover it, Terps score — yup, we have a Tedford Collapse three weeks early. –S2N Ahhh, the SEC returns to CBS. It's not football season without jowly Uncle Verne and Crazy Cousin Gary talkin' about ESS-EE-CEE speed. –S2N That Iowa-Iowa State trophy looks about as heavy as a NERF football –texasmetsfan Your ironic shot of the day: they were panning across a line of BYU fans, and one of them flashed devil horns to the camera. For an encore, I'm expecting the BYU cheerleaders to do a crotch chop after every first down. –jwaldman11 Instead of Lloyd Carr's rushes up the middle for no gain, we now have the Rich Rodriguez screen pass for no gain. –AsInHowe Why does Jimmy cCausen look like Ashley Simpson in her good days? –Kphelps08 Jimmy Clausen is the prettiest princess. –S2N if frank halliburton goes to the nfl, will his first deal be a no bid contract? –TheChuckster DId the SEC bring in a Pac10 officiating crew for the UGA/USC game? –Slothrop The refs have thrown more flags during UGA/South Carolina than you'll see on July 4th. –S2N I guess teams have not yet figured out that Chase Daniel can be effectively distracted by a well-placed ribeye steak and mash potatoes –ZombieJesusX The Wolverines are getting paid to throw this game. That is the only explanation for not 1, but 2 fumbles on kickoffs. The field and the ball cannot be wet as it has not rained in 3 hours in South Bend. Say it ain't so, Rich –ChrisDaniel If UVA finds a way to lose against UConn and/or Duke, General Lee will be rolling over in his grave. And I'm talking about the car. – ZombieJesusX This Georgia/SC game will be over in time for Hurricane Zelda - Tuffenstein And just to get this out of the way for all you commenters: No, no.