Hugh Johnson IV: Hugh Can't Mess With the Bulldogs

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South Carolina put up a tremendous fight and gave us the exciting college football we all hope for early in September. No. 2 ranked Georgia had the ball bounce their way throughout the day, literally in the end zone at one point, but SC never quit. A nice two minute drill put together by Chris Smelley led the Gamecocks deep into the Bulldogs territory with seconds left. Smelley and Moe Brown put in impressive efforts all day but their hopes of an upset ended with Smelley tossing an interception in the final moments to give Georgia the win by a final of 14-7. Your final Hugh of the day, complete with Charlie Weis gimpyness, below. Hugh IV: Weis-mania! The rain sure is coming down in Notre Dame. I haven't seen this many wet Catholics since Sarah Palin's RNC speech. —Sussman I thought I felt a tremor here in Milwaukee, WI while watching the Purdue game ... My friend told me a ND player took out Charlie Weis' knee on the sidelines ... He should watch out for his players and not the cheeseburger vendors –orion5417 Charlie Weis just got an injury worse than Brady's. Because when he falls back on himself, there is far more weight putting force on the knee. –AsInHowe [Enrico: ya think?] Tom Brady and Charlie Weis are still so in synch that they will soon have matching ACL/MCL surgeries. –Slothrop Charlie Weis gets run into by one of his own guys and comes back with a brace and crutches. This will put a crimp in his eating motions, as the legs are important for the posture of one's gunt. That's what bad karma will get you, Charlie. Should have accepted Dana's apology. –S2Nblog The real tragedy as a result of Charlie Weiss injuring his knee is on his 40 time to the buffet. -Herbies_Wingman So far, this has been a banner weekend in the Pac-10. Washington State got killed by Baylor, Cal got wasted by a Maryland team that lost to East Tennessee State, Oregon's losing to Purdue big and I don't even want to talk about UCLA/BYU. You could say that the day could be saved by USC beating Ohio State, but that would be ignoring the fact that everyone else in the Pac-10 hates USC. –Jwaldman11 Can the entire Pac10 blame today on the pacific time zone? –ahp9 The Stormin' Mormons are up 42-0 at the half over the Hollywood Heathens of UCLA. If the Cougars get to 70 or more, they will clap very loudly in Provo and have a modest get-together in celebration. –S2Nblog Sam McGuffie is the new Great White Hope –KillerB66 The football gods are obviously friendly with Brigham Young and Joseph Smith. Even a cheap shot at a field goal goes wide for UCLA. -S2NBlog "Nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bulls". I see we're now paraphrasing Berman on college highlights. How long til Erin Andrews busts out, "You're with me, Tebow"? –ZombieJesus It's not even raining in South Bend, Lou Holtz is just having a lengthy conversation. –Kphelps