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• "There was a sign during Gameday this morning - "Charlie Weis: The Devil Lovechild of Jabba the Hut @ Rosie O'Donnell." - Lingering Bursitis

(Ouch. That's just mean.)

• Here we are, Separation Saturday. Too bad my girlfriend is taking it literally. I'd just like to ask all you Dead-spinners (or is it Dead-heads?) out there to send some good thoughts her way. I love you, Anna. - inimyaudi

(Come on, Anna... Seperation Saturday doesn't mean you seperate from your man. It means you seperate your legs for him. Get with the program, sweetheart.)

• A lesbian, a senile old man, and Jimmy Dykes. Is this the Iowa-Iowa State game or is Regis Philbin on The View? - Newbrander1


(Roughly 723 of you out there are absolutely convinced that Pam Ward is a lesbian, and about 492 of you think that Mike Gottfried has recently had a stroke.)

• I'm still waiting to see Pam Ward on the screen during the Iowa-Iowa State game. I wonder if you can clearly see the scar from the Adam's Apple removal surgery on High Definition - CJB



• After watching the BC kicker miss two extra points, I wonder if he was recruited by Florida State at one point. - Quack


• Did Illinois replace Temple in the Big East? - JWaldman11

• While Duke is hanging with VT, I can't help but think this is like watching a small child wandering around on railroad tracks. And the child just got smashed like a tomato in the form of a Josh Morgan punt return. 13-0, VT. Game over. - LucKy13BaLLeR


• Rece Davis just called the Syracuse-Illinois game "The Big 6 Conference Pillow-Fight of the Week." - Andie

• Maybe it's the peyote, but I swear I just saw that Cincinnati was beating Ohio St. 7-3 after the first quarter. - Tom Fornelli


• In his weekly pick where he dresses up as the team he's picking, Lee Corso put his Trojan helmet on... backwards. I'm wondering if a similar Trojan snafu led to the birth of one or more of his children. - Mike Korte

• - Big day for ESPN: Not only did they display the score as Pittsburgh 14, Michigan State 7 when it was 14-3, but the trivia question of the day was "Who scored Pittsburgh's loan touchdown in the last game against Michigan St?" Good to see they're not getting complacent after that stupid rebranding of ABC Sports. - Gord Thug


• Thus far, this Michigan State/Pitt game is like watching a PG-13 movie, you keep sitting around waiting for some action, but you know that you're not going to see anything good. - GoinYostal