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Hugh Johnson Project, Update 1

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A sign at College Game Day: "LOU HOLTZ FOR PRETHIDENT." Way to make fun a man's lisp. Stay classy Iowa. - EPS

Seen on Gameday: "Corso, Show us your Tates..." - aLoneTrebleClef

"I just want to be clear here. The guys over at have finally transferred the domain's ownership over to Will, right?" - GoinYostal


"The least surprising revalation today was that Indiana's head coach has had brain surgery. Twice. - Victoria Times

"Illinois is winning right now. I am afraid the MSU sports guy will shoot himself on the air." - HaNkE006

The announcer in the Michigan State/Illinois game just referred to an MSU punt as "a SCUD missile of a kick". Between that comment and the fact that Illinois is winning this game, I'm convinced that this is actually a replay of a game from the early '90s. - JWaldman11

"Remember what I said about earlier... Please disregard." - GoinYostal


"Michigan St. is 42:09 from getting kicked out of division I football. I hope they know that. - Denis Lemeuix

"Watching the Indiana-Wisconsin game is like watching a buddy play NCAA on the PS2 at the junior varsity level. This would have never happened if Terry Hoeppner was still alive." - Smitty

"I imagine Terry Hoeppner is wishing that his brain tumor had been a tad more serious right now." - Bleacher Bum


"OK... I'm all in favor of women being in broadcasting. But Pam Ward might be the worst broadcaster on the planet. She's already mispronounced about four names, called a completed pass dropped, and in general, she manages to make Mike Gottfried sound sharp." - Bruce Ciskie

"You gotta love the guys at Colonial Penn buying air time during the noon ESPN game. For less than a quarter a day, you too could drastically miss your desired demographic. - Mikel, Lexington, KY

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