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Hugh Johnson Project, Update 1

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I should probably just go ahead and apologize to Pam Ward right now...

Last night, the play by play announcer on ESPN misnamed at least 8 players during the Pitt/UCF game. The first incident was on the opening kickoff, when he claimed Tyler Palko had a key block on the TD return. That's right — the key to Pitt's 6-1 record is having the fifth year senior QB start on special teams. - Dubbsy42


I talked to a few members of the Badger band... appparently, those who were on the "problem" bus wont even tell the other members of the band what happend. - dbach

What exactly did Auburn ever do to Kirk Herbstreit??? He acted as if Auburn grads had killed his mom during the broadcast, constantly calling out Auburn fans and players. What the fungus? - Brian, New York, NY

(Herbie's been in a bad mood lately... more Herbstreit vitriol coming a bit later.)

Pam Ward just cut to Linda Cohn for highlights of the Wisconsin-MInnesota game on ESPN. The chemistry was undeniable. - David Ubben


Perry Patterson from Syracuse looks almost exactly like Kordell Stewart. Only less gay. - goathair_3

What's worse than Iowa-Indiana? Iowa-Indiana with Pam Ward. - Rowan 2 FSU

I once had a friend who went out for Halloween dressed as "The Period," wearing only tight red pants and a red t-shirt. It's really hard to get past that image when I see Indiana in their home "blood" reds. - Takkatakka, NYC


In a microcosm of their season, the biggest cheer Indiana has came after a replay confirmed that they didn't fumble (for the third time) and then Pam Ward described them as Gottfried-like. Good thing it's almost time for basketball. - Victoria Times

You know, when Chris Spielman exorted "Come guys, it's not a death march, have some fun out there" to Minnesota, it sounded less like an idea, and more like a threat. - GoinYostal


The AOL Instant Messenger name is "DeadspinFootball."

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