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Hugh Johnson Project, Update 1

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I slept late. What's the news on Corso's wang today? - Tuffy Rhodes

Today's favorite Gameday sign so far: "Nutt Bringing SEC Title and Sexy Back." It's better if you omit the SEC title part. - Signal to Noise


I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure Corso just spit on Fowler as he emphatically started his pick of the Florida-South Carolina game. I gotta say - that's not the direction I expected that particular action to go. - Eirishis

Did you see the segment during ESPN's College Gameday about the Boise State football player who does knitting for his teammates? I was waiting for that one announcer to fire back, "Well, that's a little gay", 'cause I mean, I was saying it. Maybe I should get suspended or something... - T.M., K'Ville, Mo

It almost seems wrong to have Pam Ward calling a game with anyone outside of Mike Gottfried. I feel cheated of the crazy today. - Signal to Noise

Pam Ward just said a "premature cannon" went off... not sure that ever happen to a man in her company before. - Quack


Wow is Drew Tate getting worse the longer he plays? - Scumdog, South Royalton, VT

It's raining in Morgantown. So, how do you burn a couch in the rain? Simple: moonshine's flammable. - AA


For everyone that keeps saying if Texas wins out, they should play Ohio State in the BCS title game, even if Rutgers is 12-0, you're right. I mean, it's not like Texas already got their shot at playing Ohio State. And lost. At home. By 17. - lozo

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