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Hugh Johnson Project, Update 1

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Corso's Gameday Math: Rutgers loses to the 'Ville by 51 last year + Wins by 3 this year = 48 point turnaround. Oh that Corso sure is a master of mathematics... 51+3=48, Incredible. - Ian, Lexington, KY

Allow me to be the 900th person to let you know that fowler just had a sign that said "Everyday Smith Pwns Noobs" behind him. The Deadspin/Joystiq crossover appeal meter just blew through the roof. - HuskerFanBoston


1. Best Gameday Sign: "Corso = Craftsman: Tool Guaranteed for Life" 2. Is Corso going high class? it looks like he's wearing a Burberry's scarf! If it's real and not a knock-off, it's a $265 scarf. Fowler just called Corso "Mr. Burberry." - Buttermaker

Personal favorite Gameday sign so far: "Chad Henne loves unicorns." - RA_OSU

This morning on WXYZ 7 in Detroit, the TV station where Bo died, Stan Edwards (former Michigan player and father of Braylon) said that Bo might've died to fire up the team to beat Ohio State. Stan didn't say that officially, but he strongly hinted at it. This is definitely the biggest game ever. LET'S GO BLUE! - GordThug

For any casual college football observer that just happened to turn on the Penn State game - JoePa looks like a sexual predator that has been barred from the game - being forced to watch the game from a glass/cage contraption. At least he is chilling with his adult diapers - and wont have to run off the field if he gets the runs. - Doug Flutie Sucks

Gameday Sign: Zwick For Heisman. Good luck finding something funnier than that today. - Cameron (Go Lions)


In case you weren't aware, apparently Michigan & Ohio State are involved in some sort of contest today. You might want to pass that along to your readers, I think they'd be interested in hearing about that since there hasn't really been any media coverage to speak of. - Bitterwhiteguy

According to one OSU fan's sign, "Jim Tressel's Tears Cure Cancer." Not sure if his was benign or not, but someone should have told Terry Hoeppner before he went under the knife twice. - Signal to Noise

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