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Hugh Johnson Project - Update 2

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Lee Corso's grandson appears to hate him. He had his grandson with him at the end when he did his picks. And he was trying to get him to say "hi" and wave (the kid is probably 6). And the kid looked miserable. Corso had to grab his arm and make it wave. - Josh


Chuck Norris is at the Texas game promoting the "World Combat League." - Tom Fornelli

Vandy's head coach looks like a more-in-shape Burt Bacharach. - Brandon Picchierri

Vandy's QB is holding on to his balls too much. - Ronnie P

Chris Speilman on teaching kids how to catch: "You take a football, and you start firin' that ball at the kids' heads, in their faces, their hands come up and they learn to catch a ball with their hands." - Hoya01

Chad Henne's parents dared him to get a tattoo in 8th grade, so he did. That's ... healthy parenting. - derekjw203

Can somebody please tell me if the Florida State/Miami is going to be nationally televised? If only ESPN would tell us... - j.p.


Grambling State has a Mystikal song in the background of their promotional school commercial. - Danks

Idaho: The only major college football played in the state of Idaho that's not on a blue field. - William


The color analyst in the Grambling/Hampton game (I don't know who it is) compared the spread offense to the Northwestern offense and the departed Randy "Williams." No effort to correct it. Nice job, nameless announcer. - GrudensBrother

Update: The analyst in Brian Kinchen, an LSU grad who caught 55 passes for the Ravens in 1996. The LSU part may explain it all. - GrudensBrother


Steve Breaston still plays for Michigan? Holy shit. Does he have his law degree yet? - big daddy drew

Sign seen on ABC's pregame: "Brady Quinn plays the skin flute." - Matt from Ohio