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• Not actually watching any college football at the moment, as I just woke up, but the Pam Ward's short WikiPedia page entry reads "Pam Ward is probably a lesbian." - DriveInHard

(Yes. Yes it does. I feel terrible about this, by the way.)

• Drew Tate = Brady Quinn without two tickets to the gun show. - E. Taylor Price

• Marshall running back Chubb Small isn't getting very good penetration up the Kansas State middle. - Brock Landers

• BYU/BC announcer just said "BYU trying to re-create that 96 play drive from last time." In the words of old school Kenny Mayne, "I'm pretty sure that'd be a record or something." - mtneerclarke

• Sign in the end zone at the BYU-BC game... "Tell your WIVES I said hello." - Adrockuw


• First Toby Keith sighting at Autzen Stadium, posing with the UO cheerleaders. What a tool. - AndyMcNamara

• Someone asked me a number of years ago if there could possibly be a worse announcer than Mike Gottfried. I said, sure, maybe if Mike Gottfried suffered some kind of severe brain injury and someone allowed him to continue announcing for some reason. It's ironic, looking back. - drocksportsguy


• Syracuse radio: Matt Park: "Little bit of confusion on the extra point try." Coach Mac: "They're not used to it" - CoachMac

• The announcer for the MSU/Pitt game just said that sometimes Drew Stanton's balls come apart. Ha. - Cameron2GoLions2


• Ohio State's Justin Zwick is showing a lot of poise and awareness in the pocket here in the fourth quarter. If he keeps this up, he's sure to land the starting job for the 2004 Buckeyes. — Suss

• In the last five minutes of the Iowa-Iowa State game, both the lesbian and Grandpa Simpson have praised Drew Tate for making tackles after he throws interceptions. I know that's what the NFL looks for in a quarterback. - HotBongoCasper


• In a show of how on-top of things ESPN is, they credited Yanda of Iowa as a JUCO transfer from Northern Iowa. Last time I checked, the University of Northern Iowa was not a junior college. - Andie