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Hugh Johnson Project, Update 2

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Penn up on Columbia, 3-0. Be right back. Have to go let my boys over at Starbucks know. - German Village Media


I jokingly told a friend if Indiana beats Iowa I would shave my testicles. I hope he knows I was joking. - Dynamic Hispanic

I think Pam must have promised all the Iowa players with sex if they won. - Rowan 2 FSU

It's a good thing that ESPN is giving us plenty of warning that Auburn and Florida will be on Full Circle tonight. I might have forgotten to go fill my Imitrex prescription before the game. - ENK

Completely disgusting injury to Brian Hampton, Navy's starting QB. Legs don't bend that way unless you are named Theismann. - OhFtbll

ESPN has jumped from the Wisconsin/Minnesota blowout to the West Virginia/Syracuse game for something more "competitive", which immediately went all blowout as soon as they moved. They're now on Purdue/Northwestern, which I find particularly cruel of them. OK, then as soon as they moved, Purdue went up two touchdowns, so now we're off to Wake Forest/NC State. Please slow down, I'm getting dizzy... - GoinYostal

ESPN might need just one more fact checker. They just aired some Northwestern-Purdue and called it "bonus coverage." - Suss


In the middle of an interview with adrian peterson's father, adrian peterson was tackled for a safety in the end zone. - beisbolct

After working one game together, Chris Ppielman single-handedly turned Pam Ward towards women. - e taylor price



ESPN just gave a SportsCenter update of the Wisconsin/Minnesota game during the Wisconsin/Minnesota game. - DBarry14


Wisconsin's backup QB Tyler Donovan's major is "Agricultural Journalism." Looks like someone is eyeing a job at the Farmers Almanac. - Tom

The Badgers' backup QB has a major in Agricultural Journalism; think he'll be writing John Deere a Dear John anytime soon? - IrishRG