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Penn State head coach Joe Paterno was plowed into by one of his own players on the sidelines, and he suffered some kind of a leg injury. It's never a good thing to see an old man hurt, but the upside is that it's inspired some of you.

Elsewhere, Michigan struggled mightily to beat Ball State, denying them a 4th and inside the Michigan 10-yard-line, where a touchdown and a 2-point conversation could've tied it for the Ballers. Clemson and Maryland are coming down to the wire on ESPN, Navy's pounding Duke, and Florida leads Vanderbilt by 19 in the fourth quarter. Here's your comprehensive College Football Scoreboard.

And on with the Hugh Johnsoning...

When the historians look back at which university ruined football, I'm proud to say it was my alma mater, the University of Wisconsin. Yea haw offside kickoffs! - Joe Cover


Joe Paterno just got injured when one of his players fell into him. Your move, Bobby Bowden. - The Notorious BGC

Paterno almost got Theismanned. As a result, I have been forced to stare at the legs of an 80 year old man for far too long. - Ryz13


Joe Pa takes a helmet to the knee and is still standing. That is amazing enough, but they show a shot of his calves while he's getting checked out and they are obviously larger and more powerful than mine, and I'm not even 30 yet. - Jason, Auburn, IN

Joe Paterno just about lost his leg below the knee when a player's helmet directly collided with it. The whole thing bent backwards, and he's still on the sidelines, looking no more irritated than he does on a day-to-day basis. You know who else can take a complete inversion of the kneecap? Corpses. - Pete


Northwestern now needs to be offisides on the kickoff for the next 4:48 to run out the clock. Then I'll feel comfortable. - TheAvignonPapacy

Nessler just said "Wisconsin just wants to blow clock." I guess the difference between ESPNU and ABC is the subtlety. - WorldBFat


4th and goal on the 1 and a false start penalty on Ball State is "beneficial" because they're a passing team. I'm sure that's exactly how they all looked at it. - eigensinnig ruck

Wow. This may not count, since it's online and I suspect I'm the only person in America who is watching at the moment, but Sam Samardizja, father of Jeff, just pulled an awkward, Namath-like "You're Beautiful" at the end of the interview to his female interviewer. Showing Kolber-esque poise, she said it was the lighting. Good for Mr. Samardijza. - sid_luchman


You know Pam ward is dressed pretty nice today and really poised to do some big things in the booth... they even brought her down for a sideline report... wait... wait a minute... sorry. That's Bernardini. - Clarke

You know what? I'd fuck Pam Ward. Yeah, I said it. - Luke, New York