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Hugh Johnson Project, Update 2

Glad to see Auburn is taking advantage of the loss by Louisville by being taken behind the hedges at Georgia, not too mention the side judge just pulled his hamstring. - EPS

With Oklahoma State up 38-3 going into halftime, FSN analyst Gary Reasons said Baylor will not go into the locker room with their heads between their legs. Someone better get used to broadcasting Baylor games for life. - Suss


Do you think that when Wisconsin Safety Roderick Rogers isn't playing football he goes by Rod Roddy and wears flamboyant blazers? Yeah, me too. - sloptime

Pam Ward is making up for Mike's absence — she just re-calculated the last WVU drive by saying Slaton got 63 of those yards, adding White's 2-yard TD run for the 65 yard drive, and then added, "See, Stanford guy? I can do the math!" The sound heard immediately afterwards was likely a collective groan from female college football fans. Either way, equilibrium is restored. - Signal to Noise

The announcer just said Tommy Tuberville doesn't like what he must be those transition lenses he's wearing. - Matt T

All Drew Tate needs to do to play exactly like Kyle Orton is grow a neck beard. - Jason, Auburn, IN


I don't want to get ahead of myself, but I think Oklahoma State's Martel Van Zant is the best deaf cornerback I've ever seen. - Victoria Times

From an article about Bret Bielema's Hawkeye tattoo: "[The tattoo's] very well-documented in my history, in my past with the University of Iowa," Bielema said. "But the key word is the past history." Nice, Bret. Very intelligent. - Andie


They love their man law commercials at Auburn, they have the "off" "fence" posters - EPS

The reason Mike Gottfried isn't in the booth today is because someone finally told him that he died 3 years ago. - Timmyloops


Wow! I can't believe it, I just heard Mark May say something intelligent on a pregame show.....oh, wait, nevermind I'm watching Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel. - 8tz, Gainesville, FL

How bad is the Purdue - Illinois game? It's in the fourth quarter, the Illini have lost the football five times, Purdue's kicker has missed 10 of his last 13 field goal attempts, and at the site where Moronwheg took the wind, it's 20 MPH from the North. I'm excited that Purdue is leading, but other than that, this game is like the wind - it blows. - Bort

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