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Hugh Johnson Project, Update 2

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He doesn't diddle Brady Quinn's sister, but Paul Poslunzy is earning my respect, he is much better than AJ Hawk. For the sake of comparison let's hope that he's all over Chad Henne's sister. - John L. Smith's back-hand slap

Boston College has a big lead and and impressive game plan in place to exploit Maryland's two main deficiencies: offense and defense. - SteveJeltzFan


Due to a lack of cable TV, I was watching some of the first half of the UVA-Miami game. During a commercial break, I was perusing my other four channels and landed on the female round of Ultimate Blackjack Tournament featuring Jennifer Tilley. Want to guess what I'm watching right now? - Pete, Washington, DC

Corso just listed Michigan DE Lamarr Woodley at 6'12", 350 pounds. Woodley is 6'1", 261. I would love to see Corso just rattle off stats for an hour and type out all of his mistakes. The resulting text would probably be longer than the Bible. - Avinash, Berkeley

The announcer on the UConn/Syracuse football game just used a big word "incredulous" in describing UConn Kicker Matt Nuzie after his field goal was missed. The TV replay showed it was good but it wasn't over turned. - beisbolct

We're watching the UT-Vandy game and they zoom in on the Vandy student section... and I start to wonder who's manning the Croakies kiosk. - Mikel, Lexington, KY


While watching the MSU-Penn State game, the talk inevitably turns to Michigan-tOSU. Pam Ward turns to the color commentator (who has been oddly silent for a really long time) and says, "Do you know who I think's gonna win {prolonged pause}, or am I just talking to myself?" The color man finally comes back to life and says "You were just talking to yourself." Pam Ward's response is "oh". I think that they might as well just turn off Ward's mike now, cause the last person who was listening to her just stopped. - MichiganFan92

Florida looks like Div 1-AA championship material as they battle the mighty Western Carolina Catamounts. Who's next? DeMatha? - Critic


Has anyone proposed the theory that maybe someone at ESPN slipped some strychnine in Bo Schembechler's bran muffin yesterday morning? I mean, how else could the game gotten any huger for them and ABC? It's like saying "kiss our asses Fox, THIS is the national championship." But Seriously, can anyone account for Chris Fowler at the time of Bo's death? - Victoria Times

God bless the T-Mobile Sidekick, it's Deadspin on the go! One Chevy Trailblazer, seven hungover and strip-club-broke guys, $50 McDonald's non-breakfast breakfasts (g'dang 10:30 rule), 60 miles of barren, farm-lined roads and the potential of missing some Big 10 games in order to rah-rah for the mighty Huskies of the University of Washington. None of the above matters, I just wanted an excuse to say I f—-ed a chick from the strip club last night. Our leather lungs together with a fuck Wazzu. Bow down to Washington indeed. - Vic Starsky


Charley Steiner broadcasting Harvard/Yale just had a laughing fit reminiscent of the famous Carl Lewis national anthem fit. - Chilltown

I'm a Penn State fan, but I decided to gamble online instead of watching them play Michigan State. The first score I saw showed them losing 13-7 and said, "Anthony Morelli pass complete to Tony Hunt for a loss of five yards." I've lost 400 dollars and I'm confident my time has still been better spent. - Ryan

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