Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
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"Rutgers football is making me more money than my job." - Unsilent Majority

"NBC is promoting this afternoon's game as "The #4 Irish welcome rival Penn State to South Bend for their first game in 14 years." I may not know much... but if you haven't played in 14 years, you are not rivals." - Paul in Cleveland


"When do you think the page will start for the University of Illinois?" - Unrivaled Irrelevance

"Mike Gottfried just said 'Positive things will help you.'" - drocksportguy

"All of us 49ers fans should take up a collection to buy Will airfare to Phoenix and a seat on the 50 at the Pink Taco tomorrow afternoon. It's our only hope for victory." - Norcalvb


"Chuck Amato is beginning to look like Bobby Bowden without the rings." - sparkdux

"I'd do Bonnie Bernstein." - ZZ Top Stalker

"Illinois just had their best play of the game. The backup punter punted a grounder off of a Rutgers player's leg, and Illinois recovered. I have never seen a grounder punted in my life." - MidnightGambler5


"This is why I watch college football in my room rather than the common room of our on campus apartment: I can watch porn with the volume down and listen to Mike Gottfried's voice. My roommates wouldn't let me get away with that in the common room, they hate Mike Gottfried." - Dynamic Hispanic

"The ultimate insult is complete... ESPN cut away from Illinois/Rutgers to carry Akron/NC State. Will, they name is cruelty." - Steve Lippo


"Mississippi State: approaching 7 quarters without a point. And the announcers keep defending Sly Croom. After 23 games, you'd think he'd be able to field a team that can score in SEC play." - jgp3553

"Wake finally take the lead over Duke with 1:30 left in the game. Hell is starting to look like it will not freeze over today." - iknowhose6

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