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Hugh Johnson Project - Update 3

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We've got one more of these coming... pretty please keep the IMs coming to "DeadspinFootball" on AOL Instant Messenger. You guys are amazing. In fact, I wish I had room for more of these...


Highlight of the day thus far ... sideline reporter Stacey Dales getting drilled by the OSU Band. - Critical Fanatic

I've never prayed harder for a 3 and out by a predominantly black university than I am right now. - aLoneTrebleClef

Mike Gottfried has the Lou ranked number 1 in the country because of their easy schedule. Does Mike Gottfried have Down's Syndrome? - Unsilent Majority

Whoever is calling the OSU-NIU game just called Troy Smith "a hell of a passer from the pocket." They really did transfer the ESPN attitude to ABC. And then we had our first "camera man gets fooled by the draw play" work... they also transferred the ESPN incompetence. - Josh

ABC has AJ Hawk on the phone. Mark Jones asks him for his pick and says, "I know you are married to...a former...Notre Dame...grad?" He apparently, is the only person who did not watch the Fiesta Bowl last year. - Josh

They just had AJ Hawk on the phone during the OSU game for about 10 minutes, and didn't ask him if "Brady's sister likes the D." Just sloppy reporting... - Gordon from Cleveland


I am pretty sure the best description of Pam Ward is "tall, dark and handsome." - Craig B.

Tommy Bowden just went ape shit on the officials, threw his head set down, and hit the field judge —- upset at previous play, but all FAU did was gain a yard —- announcers no idea why he lost it. - eps


Check out who's playing QB for Marshall on CBS Sportsline's gamecenter. "Quarterback." I wish my parents had named me that. - Sam

Stacey Dales showed that sideline reporters don't have to be nothing but useless eye candy. She noted that there has been a lot of talk about Ohio State having "defensive problems defensively". - Bruce Ciskie


The referee in the UW-SJSU game just flagged the Spartans for "disconcerting signals," which is apparently a 5 yard penalty. Um... what? - Adrockuw

Few things have more unintentional comedy than seeing Paterno towel himself off like a porn star after the director yells "cut." - ImaSaxist


ABC Announcer for the OSU-NIU Game (not sure who it is) just referred to an INT return as the QB "Serving up a Pick 4". Clearly has his lottery games turned slang mixed up. - Jimbo

Marshall has a running back named Chubb Small. - B.J.