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• That Brady Quinn is so good-looking that I'll bet even Pam Ward thinks he's hot. - drocksportsguy

• Holy s—-! Kansas State just pulled off the kick to start both halfs and not even get the wind in the fourth quarter routine. They are quickly regressing back to 1982. They will begin losing 42-0 to I-AA teams again before we know it. - Collins

• Man, I'm sure the BC kicker was REAL happy to have the espn2 sideline reporter right next to him talking about his misses and his lack of Winterfresh as he tries to warm up for a potential game winner... - Champs730

• A few other guys got penetration in there as well" NBC Announcer during the Notre Dame game. Alright! Michigan Bukkake! - Unrivaled Irrelevance


• If BC's kicker wins this game, I will from now on only chew Winterfresh gum. - B.A.

• Discussing the heavy workload of BYU's Curtis Brown, Sean McDonough just uttered "Brown has to be pooped." - drocksportsguy


• Nate Harris, whose U. Miami scholarship was pulled after he was arrested for armed robbery, is a justice administration major at Louisville. Perfect. - cb4

• Just because you can't say it enough: Craig Sager thinks Oregon's uniforms are hideous. - John Howe


• Good to see Chad Henne has been watching Brett Favre game tape. Jerk. - corkscrew2

• Whoever's announcing Oregon/ Oklahoma just said "so many of these plays are designed to be incomplete passes." I've watched it five times and I have no clue whether he was serious or sarcastic. - Phil Fraser