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Hugh Johnson Project, Update 3

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"They just showed Dexter Manley Jr.'s name on the screen. Must have been a proud moment for Papa Manley, too bad it looked like DJHBVJ MTAGIV." - TacoBellManager


"If MSU had played defense like they defended their 50 yard-line logo from Illinois' flag, they might have won." - esipp


"While there's still plenty of time for the Cardinals to collapse and induce mass suicides across Central Illinois, at least we can take pride in this - major fixture of the last drive, Kyle Hudson - Mattoon native and Green Wave alumni!" - ensanglot

"On that Samardzija fake field goal, wasn't his knee down when he took the snap? Why is that allowed to count?" - dave111177

"ESPN360: 'This game is like a fight... between two fighters.' Thank God they clarified." - emapjohn

"Brad Nessler: Great play on D by Georgia Tech, by an outstanding player.
Bob Greise: He's Samoan.
*awkward pause*" - Mtneerclarke


"Evidently, Nessler and Griese got tired of the scent of Budweiser and pork in the booth, as they've banished McGuire to one of the end zones for the battle of the Techs." - JWaldman11

"And Mike Shula starts right where he left off last week by not challenging the most obvious play I've ever seen. How far can one apple fall from a tree? Pretty far I say." - HouseCat


"I've never been a big fan of Jack Arute, but I feel bad that he had a stroke and they're still making him work the Ducks/ASU game." - PrestonSeider

"If there's one thing I hate about watching SEC games, it's the crowd shots... watching all of the drunken super hot southern sorority belles remind me of how stupid I was to have attended a small D3 nerd school." - SportsMontage

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