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Hugh Johnson Project, Update 3

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Adrian Peterson is out for the year after breaking his collarbone in the first game his father has watched in 9 yrs since his release from prison. - beisbolct


Dave Lapham, noted Bengals homer, just said a particular facemask was "like being poked by a hot dog." If only I could think of a joke to go along with that... - Paul in Cleveland

The coeds from Oklahoma displayed their skills honed in English 101 flipping card with "boomer" and "sooner" to spell the always hilarious "BONER" behind the Fox lead in. - Mike K.

There's a guy riverdancing in the background on Gameday, and seeing him in the same shot as Corso is pushing the leprechaun quotient waaaay too high for my comfort. - Holly

I told Dynamic Hispanic I would shave his testicles if Indiana beat Iowa. I hope he knows I was joking. - goathair_3

It's never a good year for the Illini when we are cheering for Indiana. I'm gonna go fondle my sweaters. - Adam Duritz

Michigan State TE Kyle Sackrider just got beat by Ohio State DT Quinn Pitcock for a sack... Beavis, Butthead and I just laughed for about ten minutes ... Too bad Pam Ward didn't make the call. - Rich Kotite Banged Your Mom


Gary Thorne is in fine form. 18 seconds into the game, he said that Missouri averages 14 points per game, before quickly stuttering, and noting that excuse me, Missouri is 14th in the nation in scoring. Minute details. - Kenneth O' leary

Those pearl necklaces really jazz up Alabama's uniforms. - RodeoDawgs