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So the Duke band apparently staged a "brawl" at the Miami game... any video out there? - Holly

(None that I've been able to find... yet.)

One advantage of such a quiet Duke crowd — you can clearly pick out that NO WHISTLE was blown on that end-of-game return/fumble. ESPN cut away from this with a Duke player racing to the end zone and brilliant Linda Cohn has said nothing about it. - Taco Bell Manager

Miami played Duke and a lacrosse game broke out. - Suss

Griese and Nessler are currently doing Bo Schembechler impressions.....I'd be surprised if they make it out of the stadium alive. - Sean

Did you know that Jeff Samardzija plays baseball? - DoctorGreenlite

Paul McGuire just said, "We wasn't sure we'd get any sunshine." - EminenceFront91


Bill Callahan time management 101: throw the ball on third and short with a 1 point lead and 2 minutes left despite no TOs for Texas, Texas drives inside the NU 10 yard line with a minute to go—don't use one of your timeouts till 30 run off, waste a TO on icing a kicker for a chipshot, take your final TO before the drive starts instead of having a play ready to go right after the kickoff. That was something to behold. - Ryan from Milwaukee

"The Spartans are pouring their momentum all over Northwestern right now. The Wildcat's reek of Michigan State's momentum" - The announcers. I wonder where their mind is right now. - Victoria Times

Why do they call that play a "hook and ladder" play? It's hook and lateral, no? Guy runs a hook pattern, laterals it to a teammate. How did a ladder get brought into it? - Dave


I think that the world's energy crisis could be solved if we could somehow harness the magnifying power of JoePa's eyeglasses to power a huge solar array. Those things are scary thick. - Deadspin commentor William

The Mississippi State announcer just said "As you know, what we think up here in the booth carries about as much weight as trying to do business with Josef Stalin." - Joe Morrison's Plavix