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LSU just took a 7-0 lead over Tennessee in the only moderately interesting game of the day. Jamarcus Russell hit Craig Davis for a 23-yard touchdown pass in the second quarter. Joe Paterno and his bionic leg were not able to overcome Wisconsin, losing 13-3. Notre Dame is mauling North Carolina, while Brady Quinn has thrown for 267 yards... in the first half. I'm sure that NBC broadcast isn't annoying or anything. Here's the College Football Scoreboard... and now, back to the business of Hugh Johnson.

Is Michigan heading for "They WERE what we THOUGHT they were" territory against Ball State? - Rob, Richmond, VA

I kept waiting for Larry David to show up as the Ball State defensive coordinator next to Jeff Garlin... I mean, Brady Hoke. - smithcp22

Discussing the upcoming game between 7-1 BC and 7-1 Wake Forest, Spencer Tillman remarked "BC is one loss from being an undefeated team." Oh, you think so Doctor? - Marius Janulis


The ESPN affiliate in Columbus says the over/under on number of times Chris Spielman refers to OSU as "we" in today's broadcast is 4 and a half. - Chris in Oxford, Ohio

By now everyone knows Tennessee has a 4th string QB named Jim Bob Cooter. Now, LSU just received a commitment from a kid named T-Bob Herbert (son of Bobby Herbert). I think I'm watching the Deliverence Bowl on CBS. - I Heart Poop


Vern Lundquist just said, "This is only the 29 teams that these two teams have played today." Bourbon much, VL? - Cohron, Lexington, KY

Buffalo upset Kent State 41-14, which posed a problem since Buffalo's scoreboard only goes up to 30. - Suss


Now I'm a huge Ohio State fan, but I do feel a bit odd watching Chris Spielman do the play-by-play. I hear the over/under for times he refers to OSU as "we" is set at 5. I, for one, am pounding the over! - Pharmy

A few days late... but did Chris Fowler really say, "John Holmes came around that tight end" in the WVa/Louisville game? - MUDaveFan