Hugh Johnson Project, Update 3

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I think the best part of living in Big Ten country is that you are always assured a game with Indiana, Illinois or Northwestern. Oh, did I say best thing? I meant I want to pick my eye out with a grapefruit spoon. - Victoria Times

I can't believe Hoeppner kicked off to start the game. He needs his head examined. Yeah, I went there. - Lozo

I think Craig James' wardrobe is from the Johnny Dangerously Collection. - CGarber8


Ohio State and Michigan are doing their part right now to keep the BCS organizers from entering into a murder-murder-murder-suicide pact. - Rick Tocchet's Bookie

Jesus Christ. UK is bowl eligible. Hide the liquor and the women! - chuck_hayes

The best part about being a Division 1 college football coach AND being single: the large number of college girls who seem to leave their morals at home on Badger Saturdays. elieve me, Bret Bielema is making use of that immorality. - Brad, Madtown, WI

So last week, Paul Maguire was farting and smelling up the booth and this week he's spending the game in the truck. coincidence? I think not. - Ben, Random Thoughts

IU QB Lewis was described as being at, "the tender age of redshirtfreshmanhood." - Jason, Auburn, IN


Brad Nessler is talking about Maryland being a surprise team in the ACC and starts listing traditional ACC power teams and Bob Griese interjects: "How about Rutgers??" +1 to Nessler for not screaming, "RUTGERS IS IN THE BIG EAST YOU FUCKTARD!" - Rick Tocchet's Bookie

Wow. They just opened the Ohio State-Northwestern game with clips from 'Dancing with the Stars'. Shoot me now. In other news, Ohio State plays Michigan next week... wasn't sure if you had heard. - The Greatest Blog in the World


Normally I'd be upset about losing to Clemson, but the Wolfpack did win their first game under Sidney Lowe last night. By 4 points. Against Wofford. Awesome. - Baker NCSU

Brad Nessler just said they couldn't find Paul McGuire for the pre game because he "slipped the leash", and I just had a mental image of Paul McGuire as the Gimp. Excuse me while I go take a bath with my toaster. - aLoneTrebleClef


I just heard the Clemson band play "Everytime We Touch" by Cascada. This confirms my assumption that the Clemson band is the gayest band in the world... even more than Wham! - The Young Nucleus

In the leadup to the South Carolina/UF game, the announcer said that it would feature "Heisman Trophy hopeful Chris Leak." Good to see CBS golf announcers are working off September's cue cards. - italiangator, Boston


If only Georgia RB Kregg Lumpkin's first name started with a B and was on the back of his jersey. I can't help doing a double take and giggling whenever the announcer says his last name. - HouseCat

I would hate to be the intern that gets stuck cleaning Lou Holtz's spittle off the desk. - efelde84