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Hugh Johnson Project, Update 3

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Inappropriate conversation of the moment (and words I may be eating later): Friend1: I'm not worried about this Bo thing. Troy Smith does not respect your dead elders! Friend 2: Troy Smith feasts on your tears! - Leebert1981

I'll bite the bullet on this one. While comments fly in to you about the odd things said during the Kansas State/Kansas and BethuneCookman/Florida A&M broadcasts I'll bravely keep an eye on Michigan/Ohio State and make sure something doesn't go unnoticed. - eigensinnig ruck


Why hasn't OSU killed a famous alum to try and stop Michigan's surge of press... wasn't Katzenmoyer available? - Adrockuw

Paul Posluzny just said "it isn't the same with Coach Paterno not on the sidelines, but we know he is with us in spirit and he is up there watching over us" ... Wait, I thought it was Bo Schembechler died - FIRE JAY PATERNO

Nice beanie, Jimmy Dykes, you look like a cat-burglar.. or one of the wet-bandits from Home Alone. - Marshawn Lynch 4 Heisman

Brent Musberger just said that Troy Smith would have to do it again by leading Ohio St. with a 4th quarter comeback. He said this after Michigan scored a touchdown with 12 and a half minutes left in the 1st quarter. - Tickenest


Somehow when I hear Brent Musberger "Somewhere, someplace, Bo Schembechler is smiling", I think secretly Musburger knows exactly where Bo is. Don't ask me why, I just think he does. - Tin Roof....Rusty

Is it just me or is it weird that Army has cheerleaders...Shouldn't those girls be holding guns and not pompoms? You think Osama would be intimidated by pompoms? - Danks


Tim Tebow passed for 201 yards today. Tim. Tebow. Let that sink in and then evaluate whether or not your school should have a football program. - TattooedMess(iah)

It's so cute how hard Notre Dame is trying to get our attention. Charlie Weiss versus Bobby Ross! In the green jerseys! On NBC! - Victoria Times


It's good to see Notre Dame broke out the kelly green uni's for their uber-important game vs. Army. Hail Mary full of merchandising profits! - cheech7324

Notre Dame is looking good against Army early, hopefully their win against the Merchant Marine Academy next week will be enough to push them into the BCS picture. - Bob, Miami


Barring complete catastrophe, Notre Dame looks ready to complete its guerrilla campaign against our nation's service academies. The Army hopes to make inroads against the Catholic insurgency on their home soil, but you go to battle with the Army you have, not the one you would like. - Signal to Noise

Are they seriously interviewing the tuba player about what is running through his mind while he is on the field? Jesus Christ. - efelde84


Overheard from my kitchen, Yeary says, "Yeah you laugh at the big tuba guy dotting the i, but it probably gets him laid." - Lexington, KY

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