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Louisville just went up 24-7 on Miami, Michigan looks to be pretty firmly in control of things, and I'm just going to leave you to enjoy those things... if you're the type that likes to see big-name programs get humiliated. Enjoy the big games tonight, too.

• I liked Pam Ward a lot better when she announced under her real name: John Saunders. - Smitty

(Alright, that is ENOUGH.)

• My girlfriend is making me watch Jesus Christ Superstar on the Sundance Channel instead of the Michigan/ND game. It's suprising how little difference there is between the two. - Marcelo


• NBC is obviously not very happy that Michigan is dominating this game. They just ran an ad for Michigan State. - JWaldman11

• I've played this season more than five times on NCAA '07 and Mario Manningham has never ever played this well. Am I drunk again? - Cohron, Lexington, KY


• Manningham's third touchdown saw him take out one of Michigan's flutists. I mean, it was just an epic shoulder hit pushing her back into the folding chairs. - GoinYostal

• I see Brady Quinn has already been studying the Raiders playbook. - drew m

• YESSSS!!! A Tom Brady Quinn synergistic bonerfest on NBC's halftime show. I was dying for an in-depth look at the relationships between these two wonderful men and their genius coach. - Andrea Kramer is Pam Ward


• I had a standardized college research test to go to today. It would have paid me $50. As a Michigan fan, I decided to skip it. Best choice I've made all week. - Gord Thug