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Hugh Johnson Project, Update 4

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"Did NBC just say that Brady Quinn shaves his whole body? He's more woman than his transexual brother." - deadringer

"They just made mention during the Alabama-UF game of Mike Shula noticing little gators hanging from the shower curtain during his recruiting of Tim Tebow. What the hell kind of recruiting is Mike Shula doing? No wonder Tebow is a Gator." - MajorHarris4Heisman


"First, Tom Hammond mentions that Brady Quinn shaves his legs and arms. Then, he mentions that Quinn is the 'pitcher' and Raymond McKnight is the 'catcher.' Sounds like someone has some inside info on the program." - PhishPhan40

"Verbal smackdown during the Cal Bears-Oregon State game from the announcer: 'This crowd couldn't be quieter if they were watching the Ryder Cup.'" - RetiredSagehen

"The Florida announcer just said 'I was half right both times. That's a passing grade.' He must've been an athlete at Florida." - Grafton

"Frank Beamer's halftime explanation to Bonnie Bernstein about why he chose not to have an untimed down on offense from his 35-yard line: 'Well, y'know, they kick it out of bounds, if you take the penalty, they bring it back, penalize them 5 yards, they got another kick. And, y'know, it's zero time on the clock. If you take the ball there, then, you didn't accept the penalty.'" - CreasyBear


"Two more hours until a football game that matters this week." - Christopher

"Our local anouncer just said our safety is on the hash." - Cohron, Lexington, KY

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