"I think Meg Griffin is a flag girl for the University of Florida." - de los

"Are we done with these stupid fucking Chevorlet commercials where they glorify ever American triumph in history for their own basic profit? I like being American, I like football; create a car that doesn't suck up a gallon of gas per every two and a half miles and I may like you too." - Pat Tillman: American Badass

"For calling Tom Zhibowski the football JJ Redick, J, Chapel Hill should burn in hell. You should be ashamed for printing that blasphemy Deadspin. Damn you, Deadspin. Damn you." - Pat Tillman: American Badass

"I cant decide who is prettier, Pam Ward or Spencer Tillman." - DaveWannstache

"Did I just hear Tim Brando say 'Street cred, gangsta rollin' with reference to the West Virginia Mountaineers? Maybe I'm hearing things. I'm sure that's how they talk on the mean streets of Morgantown. - CMP


"Can Tebow and Leak share the Heisman? Can Tebow play for Donovan?" - Unsilent Majority

"You know how I know you're gay? You throw a jump-pass." - Xcel51

"Could the announcers please stop referring to Ohio State and Bowling Green as in-state rivals? It's very degrading to Ohio State fans everywhere." - Pfef


"You know it's bad when you've had almost as many stabbings (2) in the past 12 months as you have had first downs in a home game (3). Northern Colorado is phenomenal!" - Andy Rosenthal

"I know this is baseball-related, but whoever this moron is on FOX just said "And the bat, like Alex Rodriguez' psyche, lying shattered out there on the field" after a broken-bat liner went over ARod's head. Is Jeter paying these people to say really dumb things about ARod so the Yankees make a trade this offseason?" - Bruce Ciskie

"It's the 2nd inning and A-Rod just called time to ask a ball boy for the want ads." - TacoBellManager


"Are you going to keep doing this when NHL hockey comes on tonight?" - Slovak1977