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Linebacker J Leman for the Illini has a dad named Happy who is a preacher. For lunch, J eats coconut lard, and throughout the day, J eats about two dozen raw eggs. His name is the letter J. Should be a good game tonight. - Adam Duritz

Lou Pinella just asked the Tom Brenaman what a GED is and how come he never got offered one in High School. - CBurns05


Isn't it bad enough that we have to put up with Manning overkill in every commercial and highlight on Sunday? Now CBS is giving us Archie on Saturdays. I know every little league dad likes to live vicariously through his kid, but has anyone else parlayed that into a full time job? - Spulture

After Adrian Peterson broke his collarbone diving into the end zone, Bob Stoops condemned Pac-10 officials and threatened to not play any tackle football games next season. - jmcdoggy


Whoever is sitting in with Piniella just asked him if he "habla'd espanol," and they both laughed it up. - efelde84

My mom just remarked over the phone, "I don't like those Alabama helmets. If you lose yours, you can't use someone else's." I think I might agree. - Adam Duritz

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