Hugh Johnson Project, Update 4

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I've had 14 beers, 3 shots, and smoked a joint, and i sound less drunk thank Mike Gottfried. - nator76

Iowa just got a false start penalty of "the entire line," according to the ref. - andtinez


Announcer in the South Carolina/Vandy game said QB Syvelle Newton "isn't afraid of sticking it in holes." That's not the joke, though. The joke is I'm watching South Carolina/Vandy. - PAC10isaJOKE

Brady Quinn just punted. Now everyone can put him back in the heisman race, citing his versatility. - pmc8337


Tom Hammond just identified a black assistant UCLA coach as an "equipment man." Maybe that's how it worked back in his day. - JBishWCA

If the over/under on people making the Mike Hart/plays with heart was set at 15/day, I'd bet the over, and actually win a bet for the first time. Cohron, Lexington, KY

Am I the only one who finds it ironic that the biggest advertiser today during the Notre Dame game is Howard Stern? Is the Pope aware of this? - JWaldman11

"You know, sometimes when you throw a few interceptions, you get gun-shy. Erik Ainge is not gun-shy." - CBS's Gary Danielson after Ainge threw his third interception, and I'm pretty sure he meant it as a compliment. - Holly


NBC just showed a graphic that says Jeff Samardzija has 139 career TD catches, right behind Rhema McKnight with 143. Where was I when these guys were scoring 5 TDs/game? - TrojanWire

John Saunders, halftime of the Michigan-Iowa game: "I want someone to explain to me why the computers hate Texas." I'll take a crack at it: North Texas, Rice, Iowa State, Sam Houston State and Baylor. - Ben, Random Thoughts


Bobby Bowden looks suspiciously like King Louie from the Jungle Book lately. If he starts asking for the power of man's red flower, I'm throwing in the towel and going to bed early. - ImaSaxist

I just returned from evanston, and as an NU fan, it's taking every last bit of self-control to keep from burning every northwestern-related item i own, including my diploma. To our homecoming grand marshal, I apologize to stephen colbert on behalf of Northwestern. - bainard