The final Hugh Johnson update of the day is only to tell you that there will be no final Hugh Johnson update of the day. My power was knocked out by a tree that came down in the midst of a freezing rain storm, causing me to lose all your pearls of deviant wisdom. I am really, really sorry about that, but hey... blame Mother Nature. The downed tree also blocked my path to the Barnes and Noble where I'm currently sitting (where Internet is not free, those dirty bastards), making about a half-mile trip take about 45 minutes.

As for the college football... hell, I don't know, I haven't seen a television in an hour. My investigative journalism skills led me to, though, where I see that USC is locked in a close game with Oregon State, Florida is pounding Georgia in the World's Largest Outdoor Shirley Temple Party, Nebraska has a narrow lead over Oklahoma State, and Miami's got a chance to knock of Georgia Tech. I hope you enjoy these games, and... let me know how they turn out.

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