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Other than the Michigan close call against Ball State and Joe Paterno's osteoporosis, it hasn't been that eventful of a day in college football. The biggest game of the day, at least in terms of national rankings, is happening on CBS right now: Tennessee leads LSU 10-7 very early in the third quarter, despite an injury to starting QB Erik Ainge (and no, unfortunately, Jim Bob Cooter is not in the game for him).

Of course, I don't mean to slight Sylvester Croom's first win in the SEC, but at the end of the day, it was still a 2-7 team upsetting a 6-3 team, and I'm not getting too excited about that. Ohio State's beating Illinois right now, but maybe not as thoroughly as you'd expect, Oregon and Washington are playing a close game on TBS, and Colorado is in no danger of getting their second win of the year. Check out the scoreboard, and on to the Hugh Johnsons:

Joe Pa said he would only resign when he became a distraction— so, press conference tomorrow afternoon then? - Jed

In the SEC they have a saying: every team has a bye week and every team has a Sly week. Your move, Alabama. - Chris, in Oxford

The ref's mike in the UW-Oregon game keeps cutting in and out. Its like a bonus Cingular "DROP THE CALL!" ad all game long. - Alan, Carbondale, IL


I entered today with the intention of chugging a beer every time I saw that stupid John Melloncamp Chevy commercial. But now I'm out of beer, out of bourbon, and i kind of wish i could go home with Charlie Weis. - Pharmy

Again showing the intelligence of football players in scuffles, Jermaine Strong of North Carolina just threw a punch at a Notre Dame player... who had his helmet on. - MWpuckhead


They just called UNC for a late hit on Brady Quinn in the UNC/ND game. Everyone is acting like it was unquestionably late. But I just rewound it and watched in slowmo and let me tell you, Quinn hadn't even stepped out yet. Yes, he was headed that way, but he wasn't out when he got hit. As far as I'm concerned, he's fair game. Just goes to show that even the refs know that Quinn is a prettyboy who can't take a hit. - HouseCat

Did I just hear Spencer Tillman say a play used "a little trigonometry"? Does he think that players whip out a protractor in the huddle? Maybe he just has more faith in the student-athlete than I do. - Greek McPapadopoulos