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Hugh Johnson Project, Update 4

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With the afternoon of college football winding down, South Carolina and Florida are about to come down to the wire. I have no real rooting interest, and I sort of hate Steve Spurrier... but it would be sort of awesome to see at least a couple of those one-loss "but we deserve the BCS championship game anyway!" teams go down. South Carolina leads in the fourth quarter, 16-10.

Ohio State and Michigan are both handling their business, and I'm happy to report that Northwestern did outscore Didier Droga. By a full seven points even. Notre Dame is cruising, scrappy little underdog Miami is giving Maryland fits, Texas A&M has a slight lead over Nebraska. On with the final installment of Hugh Johnson...


I've seen public access high school games that have had better production than the Air Force/Notre Dame game on CSTV. - Kyle, Maine

Why is Paul Maguire jumping in a crowd in the parking lot and commenting from the truck in a Hawaiian shirt? Is he off his meds? Did he wander away from the nursing home? Is there a phone number listed on his MedicAlert bracelet? - Tuffy Rhodes

Advertising really does work. My friends and I just called the local Red Lobster to confirm that they have all you can eat shrimp. We will be going there after the Florida vs. South Carolina game. - Matt, Dunwoody, GA

Paul Maguire just said he was thinking about becoming a producer... don't tease me like that, Maguire. - CanuckMick131


And now Lundquist just informed us that "Dallas Baker is the last Florida player signed by the 'Steve Spurrier Coaching Group." That makes me wonder if he as other official groups... like the Steve Spurrier Dancing Troupe, or the Steve Spurrier Snowball Conglomerate. - Mikel, Lexington, KY

What's great about D-III football? Ithaca vs. Cortland, Cortaca Jug. Wake up, drink, get on a bus, drink, go to the game, drink, watch our team lose, drink. I'm drunk. Football rules. - a delos GOL


They just showed a Kyle Wright (QB for tha U) on the sideline w/ cast on his right hand and what looked like a drawing of a penis on his right arm; looks like someone passed out at the party last night - EPSKnows

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