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Hugh Johnson Project, Update 4

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I swear I just saw Maurice Clarett putting down that new sod as part of a work release program. - VanillaThrilla6

Brent Musburger is helping me learn so much. "Highs in the upper 40s, no chance of snow," and, "Both teams are playing." I can't wait until he tells me what state Ohio State is in. - J in Chapel Hill


Do you think ABC has to run a delay on Kirk Herbstreit's mic so they can mute out the screams of "Fuck! Shit! Cocksucker!" any time Michigan makes a play? - insomniac

Everytime they show the score for the Arkansas game, they show the stats for C. Dick. You'd think they would at least spell out the first name, no? - The Big Picture

While driving to the game I was coaching this morning... I thought of the most clever thing I could think of. 'Mike Hart truly is the 'heart' of Michigan's offense.' That's pretty witty... right? Come on.... Oh yes, this is the drunkest man in the southeast region. - Cohron, Lexington, KY

Bob Davie just said he asked Tressel about going with two backs to get Michigan to put 8 up front and said Tressel looked at him like he was nuts. I think we just got proof of why Bob Davie hasn't been offered a coaching job lately. - Signal to Noise


Bonnie Bernstein should give Christina Aguilera her hat back. - Team Bender

I want to blow up Ohio. My blood is battery acid. Flutie is at least 5 inches shorter than everyone else. I can't feel my skin. Free verse was probably a bad idea for Hugh Johnson - goathair_3


After I noticed how Bo Schembechler is seemingly assisting Michigan with what seems like a comeback, I wonder if he is gonna be free after the game to help me with my 20 page research paper. - ridethedeacon

I flipped to see what was on ESPN2 (Wichita State at George Mason, if you were wondering) and on the halftime show, they gave an update on what was going on in Columbus. Let me tell you something. If you are watching Wichita State and George Mason, there's a good chance you don't CARE what's going on in Columbus. - Victoria Times


Kirk Herbstreit just likened Troy Smith to Drew Brees. Has an analyst ever compared a black QB to a white QB before? Is he sure wouldn't like to rethink things and maybe go with Doug Williams instead? - insomniac

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