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Hugh Johnson Update: Bonus Edition

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And somewhere, Maurice Clarett asks his cellmate to get off him for a second, so he can check out the final score and smile.

I don't think I'd call it a "classic," per se, but Ohio State's 42-39 triumph over Michigan was somewhere in the neighborhood. It wasn't the blowout I was hoping for, to ensure that there wouldn't be a rematch of these two teams later in the national championship game (screw you, Bob Davie)... but it was a damn entertaining football game that nearly lasted four hours. Can't beat that. And right now, a little bonus Hugh Johnson action for you:


If Musberger blames the fucking sod again for the lack of a first down conversion, I will throw something through my TV. I should have made another beer run before this game started. - Signal to Noise


I just saw Michigan players rubbing Lee Corso's merlin for good luck... seems like its working. -

With the success of both Tony LaRussa and Jim Tressel, this is turning into the year of the transition lenses. - Larry Bird Flu

Ya know, I am not positive of the statistics of this, but Chad Henne has gotta be like 1 for 8 for about 5 yards when he calls an audible at the line. He is this close to the coordinator charging out on the field and changing the play back. - Janus09

So, Michigan-OSU is all but over. That was a good season, hmm? - Victoria Times

As the Michigan comeback has progressed, checking Deadspin at commercials on my Sidekick has become part of my ritual. If UM wins, I'm going to have to check in to Illinois marriage laws regarding men and websites. - goathair_3?


There was a Heisman Trophy on the sidelines at the OSU/Michigan game. Did ABC buy O.J.'s Heisman for that very purpose? - WorldBFat


We're not done with the quality college football this afternoon, though. We've still got what should be an excellent clash between Cal and USC, an important ACC game (if there can be such a thing) between Virginia Tech and Wake Forest, and everybody's sweethearts, Rutgers taking on Cincinnati in the ESPN primetime game.

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