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Hugh: Musberger Doesn't Trust Your Concept Of 'Interesting'

So Brent Musberger tells me, right after Texas runs back a kickoff for a touchdown, "Pull up a chair, folks. This one's gonna get real interesting." Bear in mind, it's a 1-vs.-5 game, and we just saw a fucking kickoff run back for a touchdown. Do I need a rickety old man alerting me to the gravity of the game? How would you assess the credit crisis today, Brent? "Pull up a chair, folks. This mortgage thing's gonna get real interesting." DIE ALREADY! Let's skip-to-my-Hugh... Somebody gave Corso a gun. Please forward all of my mail to Fiji. —Mr Red Devil 4 Ever Lee Corso just shot some kind of Sooner rifle into the air, may or may not have killed a bird, but DEFINITELY spontaneously creamed his pants. —Mateo BC5 Fried banana split at the Texas State Fair? yes. and an angioplasty. —Slothrop "We thought it was a little nutty when our Defensive Coordinator sacraficed our chicken before a game and slathered himself with it's blood, but then we remembered he was a white guy, so it was just kinda kooky." —Skolly Coddle Loo


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