Ohio State got the lead back, but they're still struggling against Ohio so I'm sticking with today's theme. The Buckeyes are locked in a battle with their cross-state "rivals" while the real McCoy's to their Hatfield's find themselves in a similar situation over in Ann Arbor. Meanwhile Temple is actually winning again, albeit in a tropical storm. Next up on the docket is the plucky BCS hopefuls from Mormania traveling to face Ty Willingham's Washington Huskies on Fox Sports Net. All of the best Hugh Johnson submissions can be found after the jump. Pam Ward keeps slipping in the word "aggregate," trying to sound smarter than she really is. I hate it when women try and act like they deserve to vote. Monday Morning Punter Please let Ohio finish the job — we'd all appreciate a loss that would save us from any chance of OSU wasting a spot in the BCS championship game again. s2blog I don't know what's worse, Pam Ward's commentary or Brian Hartline's hands. MnTheLadies Don't you turn your back on me Chris Speilman! Slothrop Lee Corso reminds me of a kooky uncle that touches little kids. drscooter19 Text from a friend at the Purdue game "The Jim Colleto era has returned". God forbid. - The Victoria Times The last team to beat Ohio State was Oberlin (Ed. Note: That doesn't sound right)? That may be Oberlin's last victory in anything but the coveted "Most Conscientiously Objecting NPR-Listening Vegetarians on Campus" category of the Princeton Review. MythMan12 Watching Chris Spielman as a sideline reporter makes me nostalgic for the homoerotic sexual tension he used to have in the booth with Pam Ward. Ah, the good ole days. Smitty Boo Jackson to Steven Goulet, and a breakout chorus of "C'est Moi" right after the catch. s2nblog Ed. Note: Interception for Laurinaitis, Ohio State ball...fuck.