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Hunter S. Thompson Was "The Bad Boy Of Our Neighborhood," According To Some Dumb Snitch's Letter In An FBI File

Cody Winchester of the Argus Leader just posted the FBI's file on Hunter S. Thompson on his Tumblr, and it looks like the agency was keeping close tabs on Thompson during his failed bid to run for sheriff of Pitkin County, Col. in 1970. Looking through the pages, it seems that the FBI first took interest after Thompson's time living with the Hells Angels while writing his book about the motorcycle club. Most of the records are dull, but on the last page, there's an adorable anonymous letter from some wet blanket in Louisville, Ky. dated Oct. 19, 1970.


Dear Mr. Ricks:

I think but do not know that Hunter Thompson has a police record in Louisville. He was The bad boy of our neighborhood when he was high school and college age... It would probably have been around 1954-, 1955- 6 or 7. At that time, he lived on Ransdell Ave.

I would sign my name but I am afraid I might be sued. I am interested in good government.

via Cody Winchester

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