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Hunter S. Thompson's Kentucky Derby Classic Makes An Awesome Poster

The Kentucky Derby is this Saturday, so it's about time for an annual re-read of Hunter S. Thompson's "The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved." And to go with it, this wonderful print, portraying characters, locations, and even nebulous concepts, all as jockey silks. Do want.

Thompson's 1970 piece, accompanied by sketches from longtime co-conspirator Ralph Steadman, wasn't much noticed when it came out. (It ran in Scanlan's Monthly, a controversial but short-lived magazine that ceased publication after less than a year.) But it was one of the first of the gonzo features that would define the later era of "New Journalism," and Thompson's work in particular.


To celebrate, Kentucky for Kentucky has partnered with artist Rachael Sinclair to create this print, available in limited quantities. The details are perfect: "Old Fitz" carries the diagonal red and white stripe from the bourbon's label. "Chemical Billy" shows the chemical structure of phenacyl chloride, the active ingredient in mace.

Take it all in:

[Kentucky for Kentucky]

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