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Hunter Smith Is No Insult Comic

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Indianapolis Colts punter Hunter Smith, seen here carrying a football and running with it for the first time in his life, wants the world to know that not only are the Colts a delicate flower in the harsh rock garden of the NFL, but also that he's awfully mouthy for a punter.

"Jacksonville is like a stand-up comic who can only use vulgarity and curse words because he lacks intelligence and lacks class," Smith told the Indianapolis Star. "He really doesn't have anything to say. Our intangible is our class and our intelligence. A team that gets personal fouls the way they do, the roughing penalties, they just don't have any material."

Smith continued, musing for 10 painful minutes on:

• How funny it is that women were always just interested in shopping and makeup, while guy's just wanna watch the game and drink beer.
• You see, black people, they all have rhythm and are cool, but white people, white people are lame.
• That President Bush, he sure is a cowboy good ole boy, and that President Clinton, boy he does like sex!
• Grape Nuts: Neither a grape nor a nut!


It's So Lame When A Punter Talks Trash [The Sports Pulse]

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