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This happened more than a week ago, but it slipped our attention, because hurling. That's right: hurling. It's an ancient Gaelic game that isn't quite lacrosse, isn't quite soccer, and isn't quite baseball. I'm not going to pretend I understand the rules, but I can tell you the video above is from the Galway Senior Hurling Final, and that Loughrea was playing St. Thomas, which clearly made all of Ireland shake.

Also: Loughrea's Johnny Maher gets fouled before getting up and whacking two players from St. Thomas with his hurley. Somehow, Maher wasn't penalized for his actions, but instead he gets to take his penalty stroke, and scores—after which, right around the two-minute mark, he proceeds to trip another St. Thomas player with his foot. St. Thomas would go on to win, but the incident has touched off something of a debate in Ireland about the fair application of the rules. Because hurling.


h/t to Emmett R.

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