Hurricane Ike Takes Arkansas-Texas Game As College Football Victim?

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Arkansas and Texas are set to play this weekend in Austin. This was to be Bobby Petrino's first step outside Razorback Stadium and also his first game against a team that had a pulse. But then came Hurricane Ike. The postponement of the game hasn't yet been officially announced but it's likely enough for erudite internet pontificators with chest hair and Florida Hawaiian shirts to pronounce it blog-certain. If this happens, given the woeful performance by Arkansas's football team in stellar come-from-behind wins over Western Illinois and La-Monroe, for at least one weekend God's a Razorback. This means that Texas's prior hurricane strategy, sending Mack Brown to Galveston and having him clap his hands vigorously as the onrushing storm envelops him, has been rejected. Spencer points out that both teams have the same open date of September 27 so rescheduling would be as easy as finding KD's ski-poling. Now Razorback fans just need to find a way to get the September 27 game postponed as well so they can pound their chests, claim that Texas was lucky not to get Petrino'd, and throw the reverse Horns sign up while calling the Hogs. Arkansas fans are so understated.

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