I Am Terrified By This 9-Year-Old Girl Who Can Ruin A Tree With Her Bare Hands

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Evnika Saadvakass is an adorable nine-year-old girl from Kazakhstan who now lives in Russia, and I’m almost certain she could easily kill me with her bare hands.

Saadvakass’s father, Rustam, has been training her as a boxer since her third birthday, and boy, does it show. Clips of her doing things such as throwing 100 punches in a minute have been spread around the Internet for years, and now her father is trying to capitalize on that attention by marketing her training regime as something you can replicate at home with an “Evnik Simulator” for the low cost of $49.99. But never mind that, and just watch this video from last summer in which she violently punches a tree:


Here’s a clip from last month, where she hits a globe in her bedroom before punching a hole in the door. (Note her father’s parenting advice in the caption, linking a child’s school performance to the ability to destroy “everything” in her bedroom.)

Last month also brought us a lovely Q&A with her father on her website, where he appears both to ask the questions and give the answers himself. It includes these lofty comparisons he makes for little Evnika:

[S]ometimes humanity gives us people like Michael Jackson, Diego Maradona, Bruce Lee, Mohamed Ali, Philip Kirkorov all these and other outstanding people, stuck into our memory and eventually inspire us to our personal victories.

I believe that Evnika is more than just a talented person, she has incredible charisma, it feels when you look at her, she’s very perceptive.


Nine-year-old Evnika does not really remind me of Michael Jackson or Diego Maradona, no, but she could definitely kick my ass.