I Bet Rich Rodriguez Could Sure Use A Couple Of Boilermakers Right About Now

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Michigan lost to Purdue 38-36 at the Big House, the first time to Purdue since 1966. The Wolverines have now lost three straight and five consecutive Big Ten games. Even worse? Rich Rod got punked at midfield after the game.


After the game, Rodriguez went out to midfield for the customary handshake with Purdue head coach Danny Hope. The problem was Hope brought a guest: Purdue offensive lineman Zach Reckman, who was suspended earlier this season for one game for a late hit, a suspension which Purdue seemingly believes was due to Rodriguez's meddling. Rodriguez made some public comments regarding how Michigan linebacker Jonas Mouton was suspended for throwing a punch at a Notre Dame player during the Wolverines-Irish game:

"My conversation with the commissioner was that we will watch every Big Ten game very closely and any non-football act, whether it's a six-inch jab or anything that's not called for the game of football we're going to ask that person get the same type of punishment Jonas Mouton got. I'm sure the league will do that."

Reckman was subsequently suspended, even though no one can say for sure that Rodriguez's comments had anything to do with it. Nevertheless, it seems that Purdue wanted to make a point, which they did, and Rodriguez didn't seem too pleased about it.

"I was a little disappointed after the game (when Hope) seemed to bring the lineman over like I was the reason the lineman got suspended for that one game," Rodriguez said. "So he brought him over and said, ‘thanks for this' or whatever… I don't know where that came from. I talked to (Hope) on the phone and told him it wasn't me, this is way back when. I didn't have anything to do with that young man getting suspended for that one game.

"What are you going to do? I usually go over and shake hands and say good luck on the next game. To come over and say something about that? Whatever."

Ooooh, burn. Enjoy your comeuppance, Coach Rodriguez, because you just got come-upped on!

Michigan, who started the season 4-4, are now 5-5 (1-5 in the Big Ten) and are in jeopardy of missing out on a bowl berth, which I'm guessing wouldn't sit real well with the Wolverine faithful. Maybe if the Wolverines practiced more...


Either way, I'm guessing staying put at West Fuckin' Virginia doesn't look too bad right about now, huh?

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