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I Can Go With Both Hands, Myself

I'm sorry, Nate Funk, but you are no longer my favorite Creighton athlete. That honor now belongs to Pat Venditte, a pitcher on the Creighton baseball team that can pitch with either hand. From the New York Times:

Venditte is believed to be the only ambidextrous pitcher in N.C.A.A. Division I college baseball, the ultimate relief specialist. A junior, he throws left-handed to lefties and right-handed to righties, and effectively. In a home game in Omaha last Friday, he allowed only one hit in five and a third shutout innings to earn the victory against Northern Iowa.


If he was up against a switch-hitter, how would anyone ever get anything done? The batter would pick a side, the pitcher would switch hands, then the batter would switch again, the pitcher would switch again ... the umpire would vomit, and the catcher would throw down his glove and just quit.

Other than that, though... this is pretty brilliant, Pat Venditte. The ambidextrous pitcher has to be the next big trend in baseball, doesn't it? He can pitch with twice the stamina since he's got two arms on the job, he can obviously confuse the hell out of batters ... and if someone charges the mound, his windmill technique would be twice as effective.

Throwing Batters Curves Before Throwing a Pitch [New York Times]

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