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Dodgers starter Rich Hill was clearly determined not to give away a third-inning plate appearance last night, though he employed some weird-ass strategies to try to battle off Justin Verlander, who was still dealing at that point in the game.


The sequence was pretty simple: Swinging strike, foul bunt, foul, foul, foul tip (that slid into Brian McCann’s glove for the out).

First, check out the hustle on running out this foul bunt that he thought was fair; he had to be told by first base coach George Lombard to walk back to the plate.


Come on, man.

Then, he assumed some sort of bent-over batting stance and a swing where he like, forgot to extend his left arm? He did a weird bent-arm swing?

How about a closer look?


Hell yeah. It’s fantastic when a professional athlete looks like a total dummy when they’re on the biggest stage of their career.

Here’s the at-bat. It’s basically art. We should put it in MOCA.

Is this an argument for the DH? Is it an argument against the DH? Can it be both?


Hill was pissed when he struck out, slamming his bat into the dugout bin. It was the expected outcome, but at least he took an amusing route to get there. Thanks, man.

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