I was planning on posting pics of Josh Scobee's shaved scrotum and Dwyane Wade's right-ass cheek, but The Mighty MJD sort of beat me to it. Instead, I offer this odd little video of Track and Field asses set to the musical beats of Heavy D & the Boyz's Nuttin But Love.

If you enjoy your women looking like they could snap you in half, then I imagine you'll get a kick out of this, but please, please, please take caution of competitor #583 around the 2:15 minute mark. She sort of looks like The Natural Disasters long lost cousin.

And oh, in case you haven't figured it out yet: Yes, I plan on posting every slightly sports-related video I possibly can. And why not? It's not like anyone's doing any real work today. I mean, check out the guy two cubicles down from you ... he's watching Nacho Libre for crying out loud!


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