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I Guess Brian Bocock Calls It Schwing Training

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So here's a rather amusing tale from San Francisco Giants beat writer Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury. Yes, it involves boner pills. Doesn't every Giants' story?


Brian Bocock was the Giants' opening day shortstop in 2008, but was optioned to the Class-AAA Fresno Grizzlies in May when Omar Vizquel returned from a knee injury.Then, in mid-June, a circulation disorder caused three fingers on Bocock's right hand to turn blue.

"The injury forced him out of action and he missed the rest of the season," reports Baggarly in his blog, Extra Baggs. "Well, I'm pleased to report that Bocock is completely healed. He's back in major league camp this spring. And he has a certain performance-enhancing drug to thank for his recovery. Nothing that would make Bud Selig upset, though. (Heck, Selig might even use it himself.) "The doctors had me on baby aspirin, anti-inflammatories, blood thinners, and, well … Viagra," Bocock said, sheepishly."

Filling the prescription was an adventure every time. Bocock would quietly slip the sheet of paper across the counter and wait for the pharmacist's reaction. Instead of the standard six or eight pills, Bocock needed a month's worth.

"I'd clean the place out," he said. "A few times, I took all they had." Given his unusual last name, he can guess what the pharmacists were thinking – that he wasn't a baseball player, but some other kind of star.

The Giants are also considering a roster spot for their hot new second-base prospect, Buck Naked.

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